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Jiliana [userpic]

Counting My Blessings

November 8th, 2009 (05:34 pm)

Today I'm at: Ottawa, Ontario
Mood: enthralled

I haven't posted because... well, a hundred different reasons. But suffice it to say, our baby girl has arrived! Petite made her début on August 27, 2009 at 7:43 p.m. (Eastern) weighing 6 lbs 15 oz. She is absolutely perfect. My family is completely smitten, even my sister made the trek from West Virginia one weekend in September to see her new niece. Hubby and I have dealt with the sleep-deprived first few weeks and we're in a routine now. Hubby is back at school, I stay home with the baby, and I cherish every single moment with her. I marvel at her long fingers and toes. I kiss her soft cheeks. I gaze into her pale blue eyes and I am a pool of emotion. I never thought it would be as wonderful as it is. And I give thanks every single day for the blessings that I have been given. May we all be so lucky.

Details about the birth, photos, and more info will be forthcoming, now that I'm finding myself again and now that the baby doesn't need to eat every two hours!

Jiliana [userpic]

Eight Days a Week...

August 17th, 2009 (12:44 pm)

Today I'm at: Ottawa Ontario (home)
Mood: excited

Eight days to my due date, and today is my first official day of maternity leave. I continue to be completely stunned and shocked that we've gotten this far. But I feel so blessed.

Today I am relaxing and just hanging around the house. I've had a few phone calls to make and tidying to do, but other than that, I'm taking it easy.

Tomorrow we get a new furnace installed, as well as a new tankless hot water system. And our washer will be serviced; it went on the fritz last week and by now, I'm wearing PJs most of the day just to be comfy and reduce the amount of laundry I'll have to do by the time it gets fixed!

Wednesday is payday and I've got to get my bills in order for while I'm in the hospital and until the coordination of benefits gets sorted out. I'll be on maternity leave for one full year at 93% of my salary, so I'm pleased about that. And very lucky... I know!

Thursday, the car gets serviced, the guinea pigs get their nails trimmed and I have an OB appointment in the afternoon. I've tested positive for Group B strep but my OB is content to treat it with 3x oral penicillin until labour begins and then 1x per four hours in labour. With luck, my labour will be like my mom's was with me and my sister: 6 hours from water breaking to delivery! WOOT!

Friday, I've made an appointment to have a pedicure. A much-needed pedicure, believe me! I cannot bend far enough to do my feet right now so I'm leaving that in the hands of the pros!

And Saturday, hubby and I will do last minute cleaning and tidying as my mom and my aunt arrive Saturday evening to spend a month or so with us to welcome the baby and help us out. I cannot wait to see them both.

Hubby has started school to train for a brand new career... and on the government's dime too! He's back at college and doing a diploma in practical nursing believe it or not; quite the change from IT support huh? He's very motivated and so far, loving it. It's still early I know, but I have all the faith in the world in him.

That's the update. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow. Petit can arrive at any moment, and we cannot wait to welcome him or her into our home, into our hearts, into our world.

Jiliana [userpic]

Pics of Petit's Room

August 4th, 2009 (07:04 am)

Without further ado, voilà...

Pics of Petit's room and the crib which is currently situated in our room.

Cut for pics...Collapse )


x-posted to augustbabies09, clothdiapering, and possibly one or two more. (Sorry if you see it more than once!) 

Jiliana [userpic]

The Latest from the Nuthouse!

July 24th, 2009 (02:54 pm)

First up, today is K's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY hon! I hope it's spectacular! Tonight, we're going out for dinner to celebrate and then back to their place for cake, and with a little luck, we can get in to see the newest Harry Potter flick at the 10 p.m. showing.

Tomorrow morning I indulge with a 75 minute massage; I'm really hoping my RMT can help work out the kinks in my back and hips. At 35+ weeks pregnant, I feel like my hips are going to dislocate every time I stand up to walk! I know that will subside after Petit arrives, but for now, I'm walking with a hesitant waddle, that's for sure.

Tomorrow night, we go out for dinner at the neighbor's place. Hubby will be taking care of one of their dogs the week after next while they're on vacation and they're going to have us over for a BBQ to show us the drill.

I had my first weekly prenatal appointment this week and I got to meet one of the other doctors in the practice. She's quite personable and I'd do fine enough with her, I'm sure, if she happens to be on call when I am in L&D. Next week, I have an appointment with yet another doctor (he's filling in for my regular OB who's on holidays next week).

I'm nervous about the Group B strep test, and that happens next week at my appointment. I'm not nervous about having the test done per se, but rather about the possibility of the test coming back positive. I DO NOT WANT THAT. Why? Because a positive Group B strep indicates a need for an IV and antibiotics every four hours during delivery. And THAT my dear friends wigs me out entirely. *shudders* Seriously. I'm terrified of IVs and I know that I will certainly not be able to relax and let my body do what it needs to do to deliver this baby if I am tethered to an IV or even if I have a hep lock in my arm. Those things HURT me like nothing else. It's like a constant knife in my skin. It just... oh God... it makes me want to throw in the towel. In my view, the necessity for an IV means I may as well give up entirely and go for full induction, pitocin, epidural, hell... go right to C-section why don't we?! It's all equivalent in my brain. Seriously. The spiral of intervention; and I'm terrified, TRULY TERRIFIED, of the IV. So wish me luck that all the things I've been doing over the last two or three weeks will help to ensure that the Group B strep comes back negative. Anything to avoid that IV. PLEASE. I beg.

I have three more weeks of work left; I'll finish up on August 14. We have our wedding anniversary on August 7. My sister's anniversary is August 14. My mom and aunt arrive on August 22, and I'm due on August 25. So the next little while is going to be super busy. That's for sure. I've begun to pack up my office for the various moves that our group will have while I'm gone. I have yet to paint Petit's bedroom (the upper portion, above the beadboard). We still need to pick up a monitor and some sort of bin for toys. But we're just about done. Right now, I'm just excited at the prospect of finally meeting this little one who's been jamming toes into my ribs and kneeing my belly! And of course, having a year off work (with pay!) is something I'm looking forward to as well. Mind you... it certainly won't be a holiday now will it?!

Love to everyone out in blogland! Feel free to peek at my IF blog for more frequent updates if you're looking for the latest on Petit and how things are going. (http://thehardestquest.blogspot.com)

Jiliana [userpic]

32 weeks and counting...

July 2nd, 2009 (03:20 pm)

Today I'm at: the office
Mood: calm
Music: Bon Jovi: Bed of Roses

So at 32 weeks and change, things are humming along. I'm feeling HUGE these days and getting in or out of bed is becoming increasingly difficult. I tried to weed the front garden yesterday, but that proved to be a bit of an issue! I had to give up after awhile, because I was just far too uncomfortable bent over like that. Not cool at all!

At my OB appointment last week, I gained weight (surprise, surprise!) and I'm up 7 lbs total for the pregnancy. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. The other stats are fine, except for a bit of protein in my urine. They chalked that up to the whole cold / sinus infection / pinkeye situation from just before the appointment though. And we did manage to get our hospital pre-admission papers. I must remember to drop those off in the coming days. Or mail them along... either will suffice.

I have 6 weeks left at work, before I take one week of vacation and then I'll start my maternity leave. Assuming of course that everything continues to go well. I've begun packing up my office and determining which items are personal and will come home with me for the year, and which are paper stuffs that I can box and leave at the office in the capable hands of colleagues in the event that we move to another building on the premises. That's quite likely while I'm off on mat leave.

The shower that Maxine held for me was wonderful! It was so good to see my friends and everyone was so happy to be able to celebrate this long-awaited baby! Heavens knows, they're all well aware of the trials and tribulations that we've gone through in order to conceive so they were thrilled to be able to participate in the fun. I'm so blessed to have such good friends.

And we've stocked up on the cloth diapers, covers and some necessary items. I've washed and prepped them all, but I need a few more to round out the stash. And next up, I need to think about packing the bag for the hospital. Cause you never know when things will get moving!

This weekend we have the vet appointment for the kitties and we're going to dinner at a friend's place Saturday night. That'll be lovely.

Yesterday was Canada Day and we went out to another friend's place for a meal. I dunno what makes us so popular this week, but it's always great to get together with people we adore!

And in two weeks, my sister will be flying in for the day. She's on her way home to do some sorting and packing and her flight just so happens to stop here. She has an 8 or 9 hour layover so we'll get to hang out a bit and go for lunch somewhere or something. That'll be wonderful! She'll get to see the baby's room and everything!

For you, my friends, the latest pics of teh belleh. Hope they meet with your satisfaction and approval. Love to you all in blogland!


Jiliana [userpic]

Showers, Birthdays, Babies and Work; Life's Busy!!

June 11th, 2009 (07:44 pm)

My birthday passed without incident, but we did manage to get the kids and K&K and all of us went out for a meal and a movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hubby is still out of work, and while he is still interested in finding something in the government, he's working on getting into the national police force and he sent in his "package" (a sh*tload of forms) yesterday. He's also investigating the possibility of receiving government funding for training for a second career. Because of the plethora of IT personnel in our city, they'll pay him to train for another career if he decides to transition to something else. He's really interested in that right now and starting next week, he goes to a week-long program that will help him determine what sort of course he might be interested in.

We had a wonderful time in Toronto last weekend and I do hope we get to do it again. We hooked up with a few of the other infertility bloggers and had a fantastic time! It was spectacular. What a fun bunch!

And I had another OB appointment today. We have just over 10 weeks left before Petit arrives and so far, I've only gained 0.5 lbs! My blood pressure is good and no protein in my urine (thus no pre-eclampsia), and the babe's heart rate is in the 150s, which is superb. All is good; now if I could just sleep comfortably!! I suppose Petit is getting me prepped for lack of sleep after he/she arrives!

Today, folks at the office held a shower for me. It was so nice; everyone did a potluck down in the atrium under the palm trees. They did a collection and presented me with a bunch of cash to go towards the rocking chair that I want to buy. With luck, hubby and I will find time to pick that up tomorrow. I made sure to thank them all through the ups and downs that we've had on this road, and I told them how grateful and appreciative we've been to have their support all along the way. And I mentioned that we'd found a way for me to update blogs and facebook from the hospital so I'll be able to get pics and details to everyone quickly after the baby is born! They were all thrilled to hear that!

Next up... this weekend. My girlfriend Maxine has "something" planned for me on Saturday the 13th. I've no idea what it is, but I suspect a shower of some sort for my friends here in the city. If that's what is up her sleeve, she is a godsend. What a sweetheart! And on Sunday the 14th is lil K's birthday. My God... she's gonna be 12 this year! Where did that time go?! She called last night and asked if I could take her out shopping on Sunday and then later, she wants everyone to get together to go to dinner and a movie. Nothing too expensive I hope; with hubby off work, I'm budgeting carefully! But I still can't wait to celebrate her birthday with her.

A few more weeks to get stuff done and then I'm going to put my feet up and hang tight til Petit arrives. I can't believe we've made it this far!

Jiliana [userpic]

So much to do, so little time!

May 3rd, 2009 (09:00 am)
Today I'm at: home

There's a lot going on at our house right now. I'm exhausted just trying to keep up!

  • Hubby and I have cleaned this house to within an inch of its life. Took us awhile to do it but we got it done. Now can we maintain it til the baby comes? I don't wanna have to do that again! 
  • My folks are here for a visit. They arrived last Tuesday. So we've been entertaining them. Today sees us heading to Ikea (they don't have one in their province) and then to the Tulip Festival. Gorgeous day for it too!
  • We leave on Wednesday morning to drive south to my sis in WV. I'm taking Tuesday off to pack and maybe get my driver's licence or health card renewed.
  • Wednesday will see us hit the outlet malls in upstate NY as we drive through. We'll crash somewhere outside that area for the night and arrive on Thursday in WV.
  • My sis and BIL just moved into a new house; we have to help them transport some furniture and items when we get there.
  • My BIL graduates next week with a B.N. and we're THRILLED for him! My sis is co-hosting a party for him next Saturday night! Cannot WAIT to see some old friends!
  • We get to celebrate Mother's Day with our mom down in WV and we'll include my BIL's mom in the celebrations.
  • My sis is holding a shower for me down there on Mother's Day.
  • A few days after that, we leave WV to head to VA for a few days to spend it with MH and his wife/family. I am really looking forward to seeing them again; we haven't seen them since January when they left after Christmas at our house.
  • Can't wait to go shopping with MH's wife and then we're hoping to get a pedicure. Badly needed on my end! There's no way I can do that myself at this stage of my pregnancy!
And my last OB appointment was great. I'm down one pound (a total gain of only 3 lbs at almost 24 weeks). My BP is perfect. Baby is developing normally and growing on track. All is fantastic. Hubby and I celebrated that news by going out to buy a mattress for the crib.

Petit is telling me it's time to eat so I'd best go do that. I am loving feeling these kicks and movements. Now if I could just believe everything will continue to go well and we'll actually bring home a baby, that'd be GREAT. Still keeping my fingers crossed, cause you just never know...

Jiliana [userpic]

Boy or Girl?

April 13th, 2009 (10:41 am)

You tell me. What do YOU think? 

Skull and tummy


Legs and toes

Jiliana [userpic]

A 20-week Update and Latest News

April 11th, 2009 (07:54 am)

A few days ago, I got back from a week-long visit at home with my family. It was so wonderful to see them all, and they were thrilled at being able to 'see' Petit. Mom had a little baby shower for me and it was great to see some old friends who were genuinely happy for us. The one negative about the trip was that just after the shower, we got word from my uncle in New Brunswick that he has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. It looks operable and surgery is set for mid-May. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the best possible outcome.

So I'm back in Ottawa now and with one trip down, we're counting the days to the next trip; we depart on May 6 to take a leisurely drive down to see my sister and her husband in West Virginia. They're in the process of moving and they hope to be in the new house by the time we arrive. I hope for them it all works out. Regardless, we're looking forward to the trip and the time down there. On our way back we'll go through Virginia to see M and K and their family and we might jaunt down to VA Beach to see PONak. That would be an absolute thrill! I hope we get to do that... or that he gets to northern VA to hook up with us somewhere along the way.

Spring is sprung and with me at the 20-week mark already (halfway through this pregnancy) we have a LOT of things to get done in the next 10 or 12 weeks. The checklist continues to grow; I hope we can get things all done! My last ultrasound and OB appointment went all right. Petit wouldn't turn the right way to get a good spinal measurement so I have to go back on May 1 for that. My Mom might be here on that date so she may opt to go with me too and see Petit for herself. We got the full results from the amnio, and as indicated by the RAD, all is perfect. The ultrasound tech avoided showing us shots of Petit's crotch because as requested, we STILL don't want to know the sex of the baby. That's one surprise I'm not willing to compromise on.

Also on May 1, I'll be meeting a new OB. At the practice where I'm going, there are a bunch of OBs and I indicated that I wanted to take the time to meet them all, because whoever delivers this baby better take the time to shake my hand and get to know me first before just walking in and catching my baby!! And I don't give a damn about 'policy'... take it or leave it. That's the way it's going to be with me. If they don't like it, well, I can always go elsewhere for my prenatal care, TYVM. They also didn't like the fact that I refused to do the standard OGTT either, but they will content themselves with checking my fasting blood sugars. Nothing to worry about there, but I refuse to drink that awful orange sugar crap again. Once was more than enough. I also made them take my BP twice cause I was too damn stressed when I walked in there to rely on that measurement. Accordingly, the second measurement was better. And I'm only up 2.5 pounds this month (4 pounds total) so THAT is amazing. I hope that continues.

I decided to take the long Easter Weekend and attach it to my holiday so I don't go back to work til Tuesday morning. Hubby is enjoying his four days off as well. Next Wednesday, hubby turns 41 and although we can't quite celebrate on the day of his birthday (we have our prenatal class that night), we'll be celebrating either tonight together or next weekend when we have his kids for the day. I can't believe he's going to be 41 though. Where did those years go! Holy heaven!

And today, we have errands to run and some cleaning to do here at home. I need to get some of the baby's clothing put away but I need to wash down the walls and vacuum the baby's room before I can do all that. We've got some furniture to move and some rearranging to do as well. And I think I'll pick up some new leashes today for the cats. They're dying to go outside again and it would do them good but their old leashes are busted and need replacing. I'll try to do that later while we're out.

Okay, time's a-wastin' so I better go nudge hubby out of bed so we can get on with our day. Hugs to all and love to K and Lil K who got their trip south organized! WOOT!

Jiliana [userpic]

RAD result

March 19th, 2009 (07:13 pm)

Mood: relieved

I heard from the genetics counsellor today.

The RAD results are completely normal.

Petit has a full set of normal chromosomes (no extras, none missing, no partials) and a full set of normal sex chromosomes. And no, although we CAN find out the sex now, we don't want to know, so the counsellor didn't tell us.

We'll get the full karotype in a couple of weeks. But for now, I can breathe a little easier. MUCH easier in fact. Whew.

Thank God for small favours.

BTW, here's Petit's latest pic.

17w (amnio day)

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